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The cinemagraph is a growing trend through social media and business advertising. And, your business can utilise the stunning still and moving imagery, drawing the attention of viewers with Los Angeles Cinemagraph Photographer Nick Reid.


As a business, keeping up to date and catching the eye of viewers is paramount in retaining sales, viewer-bases, investment and brand recognition. The cinemagraph has grown in popularity simply because it brings a sophisticated visual storytelling with a creative edge.


Cinemagraphs take the form of a seamless animated GIF – or, graphics interchange format – whereby there is a video of a repetitive loop. They are traditionally framed like a photo to suit the needs of the platform and look like an image until you begin to see that one element is moving.


As a business, you need to consider who will be producing the cinemagraphs in the first instance. Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer Nick Reid at Black Rabbit Productions will be there from stage one to assist you.


Nick and the team here at Black Rabbit Productions offer first class services in still imagery and video production providing the perfect mix for cinemagraph creation. Here’s what you can expect when you work with your Los Angeles Animated GIF photographer:


You will be met with Nick Reid who, with 15 years of industry experience providing service excellence to clients across the globe, will walk you through the steps necessary to create your intended business campaign.


We will take into consideration your brand, your culture, the products and services you are wishing to promote through your campaign, where the cinemagraphs will be published and what you have in mind for your cinemagraphs.


Cinemagraphs are a great campaign head-turner for any business product or service, this can range from advertising a car show, industrial business GIF photography, food advertising or even for seasonal celebration keepsake advertising.


For the latter, we recommend getting in touch with your Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer as early as a year in advance as cinemagraphs take lots of planning and pre-production before any images or videos can be taken. Not only this, but where location filming is needed, time for Nick and the team here at Black Rabbit Productions to travel to you is essential.


And, with that, if your business does require GIF Photographer Nick Reid and the team to travel out to you or any other specific location, we have a certified essential travel studio kit providing us with the gear to suit your direct needs.



Cinemagraphs depict a repetitive loop of movement without any breaks or jump-cuts making it appear fluid. These kinds of advertisements and campaigns emit a sense of endlessness. A sense of security to the viewer while drawing them into your GIF for a longer period than the GIF’s original duration.


Your business will highly benefit through the use of your Los Angeles animated GIF photographer Nick Reid’s cinemagraph production. Be it through social media advertisement, website development, or investor meetings. They always offer a spectacle.


Once you have decided that you will be utilising the special effects marketing campaign materials of cinemagraphs and GIF photography, then you’ll need an idea in mind. This is because cinemagraphs take considerably more planning that standard videos or still images. With this idea, Nick Reid will be on hand to offer tips, tricks and ideas on how to drive your vision into reality.


Then, you’ll be faced with the planning stage meaning that your location, models, set design, products, copy text and travel will be organised to suit your needs as a business. Here at Black Rabbit productions, we are a Los Angeles Animated GIF photographer and team with close connections to industry professionals. We will be able to organise the use of set designers, models, hair stylists, make-up artists and wardrobe supervision where requested.


When we have arrived on set, Nick and the team will be providing the first class service you expect. Nick’s years of industry experience has allowed him to develop his key skills in rapport and calming those in front of the camera, so if your GIF requires a model, a family or a workshop employee, you can rest assured knowing they will become more relaxed in front of the camera with Nick.


When the video production has taken place, your Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer will make sure that the frame chosen to be the still image, will show just as beautifully as any other photograph taken. He will then ensure that the moving component is precise while continuously fitting will with the still frame.


After this production has taken place, Nick and the team here at Black Rabbit productions will be editing your cinemagraph GIF to fit the needs of your business’ chosen publishing location. He will adjust the file size, and crop of your cinemagraph to heighten the visual appeal of your image.


You will be presented with a stitched cinemagraph for you to enjoy before it goes through for final editing, blemish removal, brightening and rendering.


Working with Los Angeles animated GIF photographer Nick Reid could not be a more optimised decision to drive your brand campaign forward. Check out our current gallery of cinemagraphs today to see just how beautiful they can be while attracting the right clientele.


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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer. To see more of Los Angeles animated GIF photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nick’s social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

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