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Businesses today are in a constant battle trying to have their voice heard. Social media is the way to get this word out – and fast – bearing in mind content is key. Obviously, there are questions to be asked but there are answers out there:


  1. How do you create quality content that will translate into brand recognition and, eventually, sales? Well, through consistent quality content that is unique and creative.


  1. How do you get quality content? By contacting social media content creators.


Nick Reid is a Los Angeles social media content creator and owner of Black Rabbit Productions Inc. Nick’s creativity and commitment to quality has enabled him to work with some of the top brands in the world.

From Portraits, Fashion, Corporate Portraits, Lifestyle, Business, Food, Cinemagraphs, Travel, to the Products of Industry, his shots are processed meticulously, as par excellence, before they are released into a world eagerly waiting to consume.


Social Media Photography

Showcasing your brand through visual storytelling has never been easier thanks to modern social media and links to the consumer. However, crafting a cohesive brand image takes considerable effort and foresight.

While it may be considered easy to plan today’s posts, you need to think about the future. A future of weeks, months or sometimes years ahead, while also maintaining a brand aesthetic. This is a service that Nick Reid; a professional Social Media Photographer will deliver on.

With more than 15 years of industry experience in photography and social media identification, Nick works directly alongside you to develop a plan or work with an existing house style to create an effective brand image. An image that will flow seamlessly to keep your customers engaged.


Quality Matters

Social Media has given the world a voice; we know what’s cooking, what adventure they are embarking on and the name of their adorable pet. It has created a voyeuristic culture of the ‘look at me’.

No matter the subject or how enthralling it may be, there is always a direct link to the visuals in a fast-consumer culture.

For a business to maintain a successful social media campaign, it will need to be visually appealing, impactful and truthful to the initial brand message. With current phone technology, more and more people are able to make one simple picture look good. However, when your brand needs 20, 50 or even 100 high quality photos that stay on topic, you hire a professional.

Let Nick work with you to get you the voice that stands out above the others.


Tell Your Tale in Style

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been eager to share and narrate their tales in their own unique style. Think of the historic cave dwellers and their stories written on their walls.

Though, in modern times the mediums in which these stories have changed, the underlying mechanism remains: Everyone loves a good story. And, everyone has one so the question would be; “how does a brand advance their story to stand out?”.

No matter the medium, if a great story has vague or un-compelling imagery, no one will hear the message. A commitment to quality photography and on-page imagery will pay dividends for your company’s image.


Expand Your Outreach

Whether you are done with prototyping and ready to launch or a pre-established brand looking new and exciting ways to reach your growing audience, everyone can benefit through effective marketing imagery.

Expending a brands outreach can come through simply incorporating quality and in-demand visual content. Strong visuals not only convey your message and intent but also can represent the professionalism and passion of your company as a whole.

Specializing in beautiful video and photography aimed at efficiently delivering your brand message, Nick Reid and his team of experts are here to help you get your voice heard.


Advertise Your Brand Message Creatively

With new and ever-changing technology, advertising your brand image can be more simple than ever. But, with new strides in advertising come new challenges.

In the past, advertising consisted of campaigns that would showcase a brand’s identity with few images over a matter of weeks or months and be considered effective. Yet, with today’s new technological tools, consumption has never been higher. A flooded marketplace has created a mass of divided interest where focus is lacking.

Keeping your customers’ attention is key, therefore staying ahead of your customers’ desire and delivering fresh content is the goal. To do this, you will need a campaign to sustain a constant insert of quality and authentic social media imagery.

Your customers are smart and see through a message lacking in passion. If this is something that you fear may be an issue with your brand imagery, you can overcome this through the use of consistent creativity. There is no stamp and re-stamp formula, you need to create quality content in line with current media messages and demonstrate your USP to engage your audience.

Not only must this content be professionally captured stills or motion imagery, it needs to present your brand with authenticity while maintaining a consistent high-quality look. Hire a professional to help you create the social media imagery you need for a successfully driven campaign.



Nick Reid is a Los Angeles-based social media creator offering a full range of services around the world.

Whether it is a one-off web promotion or a start-to-finish multi-platform social media campaign, Nick can help you through it all.

Working with Nick and his experienced team, they are able to work alongside your brand from conception to publication and beyond. A team that handles it all, from pre-production to scouting, castings and crew-hire, shooting and re-touching. They are there to provide a multi-faceted service to strengthen your campaign.

Nick and his team are versed on all social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit and more. Their aim is to create beautiful and lasting content that will represent the style and aesthetic of your brand, formatting them for the platform of your choice. All you have to do is click “post”.


Clients Served


Through his unique and eye catching stills and motion, Nicholas Reid has many notable clients with which he has promoted successful social media campaigns. To name a select few: Walmart, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, Bank of the West, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, Walmart, McDonalds, Honda, Lexus and many more.


Get in Touch

Schedule your bookings now by emailing or calling 303-722-0111. We would love to hear from you. To see other work check out Nicks cinemagraph work! Check out Nick Instagram to see what he is currently working on.

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