A black and white profile portrait of Chris Cortazzo smiling. Portrait taken by corporate photographer Nick Reid
A Side by Side and Fox helmets spin in a cinemagraph. Shot in the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas Nevada by Social Media photographer Nick Reid.

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director. Owner of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Photographer | Los Angeles Advertising Photographer | Los Angeles Editorial Photographer


Finding a Los Angeles photographer for advertising, commercial, editorial or videograpy can be difficult. But, with Nick Reid, it doesn’t have to be. You need an experienced cameraman who will tailor the shoot to the needs of your business all while producing star-class imagery that is next to none.


As a client, you’ll need a photographer with years of notable and excellent experience in order to deliver on the job. Your requirements for a photographer and/or videographer will be met with one of LA’s finest. Nick Reid is a director known for capturing still and moving image to portray a feeling, mood and personality. Whether it’s for long-established brands or new up and coming brands, each shoot is an individually tailored and bespoke experience for everyone on set.


As a director of fine imagery, Nick Reid and his team here at Black Rabbit Productions have the means and practice to provide you with the high-quality imagery you need from a Los Angeles Editorial photographer. As we look through Nick’s portfolio of notable works, we see his dedication to the final product and love for photography.


His passion for still image capture spans over every inch of photography you need:


  • Social Media Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Business Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera Operating


Having worked alongside big names such as the likes of Honda for social media photography, Bank of the West for his keen eye in business photography, the Discovery Channel taking advantage of his flair in Videography and more. You know you’ll be able to place your trust within your Los Angeles photographer for your imagery needs.

Nick’s team here at Black Rabbit Productions in LA is a crew of professionals suited to the Los Angeles lifestyle. Often described as the ‘City of Dreamers’, it is a place that has become the home for international photographer and videographer Nick Reid. A passionate and talented man behind a camera simply following his dream. And, although his studio set-up provides an unbeatable set for product, editorial, fashion, corporate, portrait, food and social media photography, your Los Angeles commercial photographer is not afraid to hit the road for an on-location shoot.

In fact, he lives for the shoot; abroad or at home, Nick Reid and his locations studio kit will have you covered. Having travelled to various and thrilling destinations around our globe, there’s no place he wouldn’t follow for his passion.

As his gallery shows, every client for Nick Reid is given all of his attention and detail to make sure that each photograph is captured with perfection. While he works with the motivation of getting it right in camera, he is not afraid to add a little editorial flair to each of the images within your catalog or campaign.
Your Los Angeles advertising photographer will stay close to you and your marketing team throughout every step of your brand’s journey. So, from concept to publishing you’ll have a professional expert in the photography and videography fields to provide project inspiration, use beautiful lighting and execute high-quality photo shoots.

Having worked in all levels as an Instagram photographer as well as editorial, and in the commercial ring, you know that Nick has the means to work with your brand to suit your target audience in a modern world. Using specific techniques and platform demands, he will create ways to draw-in your target audience.
Within each shoot, Nick uses the natural elements to bring out the beauty in the everyday image, bringing them to life. They are given a personality, a meaning, a mood and a reason. After all, the best things in life are the ones that are remembered and what better than a timeless image to capture the moment.

This is why you need Nick Reid and the team here at Black Rabbit Productions to bring your photography, videography and cinemagraph visions to life. Your Los Angeles photographer will deliver on Hollywood quality imagery no matter your goal. View the galleries to see how Nick Reid can uplift your brand imagery to see Nicks Video work check out his video portfolio.