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Social media advertisements are very image focused. With a fast-consumer society, everything is just that: fast. Advertisements need to draw in the consumer with interesting and attractive imagery from the first glance. Be it with colour, moving image or surprise.


Social media marketing is a fine art, depending on many factors: your brand, your product, your end goal, your campaign budget, your target audience and your choice of platform. Social media photographer Nick Reid will work closely with you to determine what works best and how to build your content library in a way that boasts your brand message.


A growing trend in social media advertising is the use of cinemagraphs. The sight of movie-magic style image remaining static at one point and fluid in the next.


Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer is here to tell you more about how you can use cinemagraphs to wow your consumer base. Nick Reid has over 15 years of imagery experience, most of which based around the use of social media marketing and its ever-changing trends.


With social media advertising, Nick knows that production in advance is a necessity, allowing for a steady stream of constant brand recognition being fed to a vast consumer-base across the globe. Often, it is the case that cinemagraphs can used to create such a library of interesting content being slowly released over various social media platforms.


How can cinemagraphs be so much more effective in drawing an attentive audience than a simple image? They utilise both the moving and the still image blended together. Picture an image of a young child pouring a glass of your brand beverage. Everything is still and you can see a constant emotion of excitement over the child’s face. However, your brand’s beverage is moving, you can see the liquid being poured into the glass but nothing else is moving. Compelling, no?


Since coming to light in 2011, the cinemagraph has grown in popularity, bringing a sophisticated storytelling of an image to the screen. They are framed like a photo and look like a simple image until you begin to see that one element living with repetitive motion.


Not only are cinemagraphs a cohesion on video and still image photography, but they provide an endless loop of movement without any break or edit. These kinds of advertisements and campaigns emit a sense of endlessness. A sense of security to the viewer. It provides your consumer with the ideal that they can access this so long as they buy into your brand or your product.


If you’re a company selling cosy clothes for a Christmas campaign, wouldn’t an image of a couple together with a pooch cosied up in front of a fire be a fantastic way to demonstrate the joy that your product can bring to a person? But, with a cinemagraph, you can make the fire move, the flames flicker and the audio crackle. It brings your picture to life.


Nick Reid, Los Angeles cinemagraph photographer, has experience with brands such as Walmart, Honda and Coca-Cola allowing him to develop a highly professional portfolio of cinemagraphs depicting a range of what they can offer.


Your brand has the freedom to explore what cinemagraphs can offer to your social media campaign. With a studio based in Los Angeles, California and a studio-kit made for the on-location shoot, Nick Reid can work around you.


Get in touch with social media photographer Nick Reid today to see how you can effectively enchant your consumer-audience into a growing movement with modern social media advertising.


Your cinemagraph can be the pinnacle for showing a particular movement, wisp, emotion or feel that your product brings to the consumer.


Whether you have a fully designed campaign or just an idea in your mind, Cinemagraph or animated Gif photographer Nick Reid and his team can work with you to to help you bring your vision to life. From concept to production, capturing and retouching, and then the finale: publishing. We can help you though all the steps of the process. Servicing Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas: Beverly Hills, Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, El Segundo, Glendale, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, Inglewood, Long Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, San Fernando, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles Cinemagraph photographer. To see more of Nicks work check out his corporate portraits. or check out his lifestyle portfolio. To see more of Nick’s current work check out his social media posts on Instagram.

Artistic portrait Victor Villar- Hauser by cinemagraph photographer Nick Reid

Victor Villar-Hauser Fractured

Smiling man next to a Honda monkey by Los Angeles based animated gif photographer Nick Reid

Tim and his Monkey – Shot on an iPhone