Small business portrait of a Korean Blacksmith in his shop.

Korean Blacksmith

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Small Business Photographer – Nick Reid

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Personal Branding Photography is a great way to increase the credibility of your company through print media and online videos.

Business photography can come in many forms; if you’re looking for office imagery, social media cinemagraphs, YouTube video’s, interviews, social media stock imagery, a product catalog or even print material distribution imagery.

No matter what your needs as a small business, Los Angeles business photography Nick Reid is on hand to provide your company with stunning imagery.

It’s key for a business to be able to establish a professional brand image, so consider using Nick Reid and the team here at Black Rabbit Productions for your Los Angeles small business social media marketing. We strive to offer personalised brand packages to companies across the globe in order to give entrepreneurs, social media influencers and pre-established companies the beautiful imagery they require with service excellence.

Firstly, we work with you from the concept stages to understand your goals in order to generate a custom-built package to suit your needs. We will help you streamline towards the imagery that will work most efficiently to reach your brand goals and how they can be effectively implemented over your chosen platforms.

Here at Black Rabbit Productions, Nick Reid and the team providing Los Angeles business photography have worked with companies and industries such as chefs, potters, blacksmiths, farmers, office workers, fishermen and fashion designers so there’s no project to small and no endeavour too big.

Secondly, we will provide first class service by offering the opportunity for on-location or in studio imagery. Here at Black Rabbit Productions, Director Nick Reid has over 15 years of industry experience with Los Angeles business photography. With his expertise, the team have streamlined the perfect mobile studio kit that will allow us to capture clean stylised imagery.

Moving onto the production stages, we understand that your company’s personal branding photography may require extra set-design. With years of Los Angeles small business social media marketing under our belt, the team have gathered a close-contact list of industry professionals. So whether it’s fashion expert, a set designer or just hair and make-up artist you need, the team is ready for you.

If your campaign strategy includes the use of cinemagraphs – or statically moving images – for social media use, then production will occur after careful planning procedures are integrated. With traditional imagery or video-marketing, the team will be on set delivering the high standard and beautiful imagery for your personal branding photography. But, with Black Rabbit Productions, there’s no limit to your custom imagery and this is why we are there from stage one conceptualisation.

Nick’s packages with Black Rabbit Productions specialise within business photography to allow for multiple media format capture. This means that you can receive portraiture, industry imagery, workshop videos, interviews, location imagery and editing all in the same place.

We at Black Rabbit Productions like to give 110% in the service we provide and with this, the next stages of production include provision of an imagery gallery for you to decide which ones you’d like to press forward for final retouching and publishing.

Nick Reid is passionate about capturing and delivering stunning images to clients that express a brands image or company message in-camera. With this, the need for retouching and editing is minimal, but blemish removal, teeth whitening and compositing are still offered as part of a full service with Los Angeles business photography at Black Rabbit Productions.

Your personal branding photography will be custom imagery that is cropped and ready for publishing through your chosen channels. Be it portraiture for LinkedIn, a library of stock imagery for your promotional use, food photography for a menu, cinemagraphs for Instagram or even industry workshop imagery for news releases.

So, if you’re a brand starting from new or a pre-established company in your industry, personal branding photography with your Los Angeles small business social media marketing production company is the best way to represent your brand throughout your brand campaign.

Get in touch today with Nick Reid at Black Rabbit Productions to see how your business can profit from personal branding photography across your media channels.

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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles small Business photographer. To see more of Los Angeles small business photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nick’s social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your next production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

Small business photo of a Korean ceramics artist.

Yeonho Jung

Small business owner Xabier Ferro working in his mobile wood-shop in Culver City California.

Xabier Ferro owner of Hobowood