Two bowls of colorful couscous with red striped napkins on a rustic blue table. Picture taken by Los Angeles Food Photographer Nick Reid.

Couscous for Two

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles


Nick Reid – Los Angeles Food Photographer 

Los Angeles Food Photographer and Director | Professional | Advertising Photography

With over 15 years worth of industry experience, Nick Reid brings a flavor of brightness to the Los Angeles food photography table. Over the years, Nick has developed a key flair for depicting food products, working with names such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, Sur La Table and more. His passion for clean well-lit compositions creates a platter of professional pieces to make mouths water.


Natural Compositions

Using naturally lit studio settings to create the perfectly risen soufflé of food advertising, Nick elaborates on the beautiful of plain. Knowing how to use negative space to draw the viewer’s attention to the allure of the food. Nick will find the strength within food and draw on this; be it the color, texture or contours that represent the style and aesthetic of your brand.

As an advertising photographer by trade, Nick Reid and his team work together to bring attention to the dinner table, encompassing natural angles to the way your customers see food. The most appetizing way to portray the meal, as a food photographer and director would suggest, is top-down. Simply because, how else does a person see the food they have chosen to eat?


Sweet Treats

With a keen sweet tooth, Nick has been there to provide the best presentation of your key bites. His presentation of the birthday cake utilizing three layers of imagery allows for a story-telling image: the cake in its prime, the perfect slices to share with a loved one, the dressing on the table and the view for some drizzle on-the-side.

But there is an image for every taste, the same cake can be seen sat beside a doughnut perfectly center-framed. As a Los Angeles food photographer and director, Nick’s aim is to bring the attention to the dish. When the viewer is lost deciding in one image, why would they look elsewhere to satisfy their hunger? These are the unique perspectives Nick Reid Photography can bring to your commercial campaign.

It’s not just the sweet treats that Los Angeles food photographer Nick has an eye for, he brings the same attention to details and level of efficiency to all of his projects. Working with named brands such as Jack Daniels and McDonalds, Nick’s professional experience in food advertising and photography provides a buffet of potential.


Making A Meal

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles food photographer and director, then you’re looking for a person that can offer you a package that can put your food on the menu. Nick’s and his team work closely with their clients to be able to offer a variety-pack of e-commerce photography bringing professional efficiency to your advertisement. Nick Reid strives to provide the ideal experience with advertising photography as he and his team also complete:

• Location-scouting whereby commonly used studios for food photography in Los Angeles can be contacted. With over 15 years of studio-photography experience, Nick is able to find the perfect location for your campaign.

• Advertisement spear-heading where needed. For start-ups or even those that have proved in the industry, bringing in new aspects from a seasoned food photographer can help the campaign grow.

• Web campaigns whereby knowledge of aspect ratios can be imperative for finalizing an image for a specific website campaign. For example, companies using Instagram advertising will need a different composition, place setting and cut to the finalized image compared with those using Facebook advertising.

• Post-production re-touching as part of his package. Not only does this Los Angeles food photographer help with preproduction, he and his team are there for the post production, providing brands with re-touching revisions where requested.

• Video, Nick Reid, as a director can shoot video content that matches the still imagery being shot for a multi medium cohesive brand image.

• Beautiful images that represent the style and aesthetic of the brands. Above all, Los Angeles food photographer Nick Reid and his team are there to promote your brand in the way that expresses your flavor.


Get in Touch with Los Angeles Food Photographer Nick Reid

Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles food photographer. To see more of Los Angeles food photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nicks social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

over head shot of strawberries and breakfast bars bites in a bowl on a striped napkin on marble countertop..

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