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Los Angeles Editorial Photographer – Nick Reid

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It takes more than a camera to create eye-catching imagery that will attract and engage an audience. Nick’s vast experience and passion for image capture means that the time spent developing your imagery will be relaxed, fun and professional.


Nick Reid is a Los Angeles based editorial photographer providing clients across the globe with stunning editorial imagery. He works closely with companies, influencers and magazines in order to develop an unbeaten service of providing beautiful images.


Editorial imagery is a statement. It is a story accompanied by a narrative that we would like to tell. We, here at Black Rabbit Productions, work tirelessly with director Nick Reid to produce clean photographs that portray your brand message.


We are a welcoming team, offering friendly faces from professionals in the industry to help the range of imagery subjects remain calm and have a natural smile.


If you’re an individual, a magazine, a company, an industry expert, influencer, advertising agency or even a childhood neighbour, Nick will be there to offer you with your eye-catching imagery.


Nick and the team here at Black Rabbit Productions have worked with various clients in his Los Angeles studio and overseas. So, you can trust that his skills and expertise alongside his passion for capturing artwork will get you the editorial imagery you need.


Los Angeles documentary photographer Nick Reid and the team will bring together our valued experience in the industry along with our worldwide catalog of network opportunities to generate imagery to suit your needs.


With over 15 years of experience behind the camera, Black Rabbit productions are here to offer you the friendships of industry experts we have made in fields such as:

  • Hair stylists
  • Make-up artists
  • Models
  • Fabric stylists
  • Set designers
  • Lighting gaffers
  • Travel networks
  • Pet trainers
  • Food artists
  • Location scouters
  • Experienced drivers


So, if you’re in need of a Los Angeles editorial fashion photographer because you have an editorial piece needing beautiful imagery of clothing, then Nick and the team will be here to walk you through from concept to publishing. We will be on hand to understand the brand message, the publishing platform and the target audience, working hard to bring your vision to life.


We have worked with print and online imagery materials, with videography, photography and cinemagraphs meaning no matter where you intend for your editorial imagery to be published, we have a trick up our sleeves for you.


You need a photographer that will work alongside you to bring out the best in your editorial imagery whether it’s a portrait in a business, industrial, fashion, food, lifestyle, product or pet photography. We’ve got you covered.


We understand that you have a personality that you want to showcase and a style that needs to be projected through imagery. We will work with you to bring emotion and beauty to the page.


If you’re in need of a polished naturistic location video or a staged artistic studio photograph, your Los Angeles editorial photographer will be there exceeding expectations and delivering excellence.


The most important part in driving goals and presenting a successful finished product, is knowing you, your company and your intentions. When we know where your editorial imagery will be published, what style of images you need, how many pictures are needed and what your brand message is, our role is made clear. Nick Reid will provide imagery that encompasses your vision, goal and product/service.


So if you’re a restaurant who has an editorial or featurette coming up, we can provide subject imagery, food photography and vibrant architectural camera work that showcases you and your personality.


We have the experience that allows you to be flexible with your imagery: we are able to offer compelling photography, videography, cinemagraphs and more through online or print marketing editorials. Our team of industry professionals are on-hand to produce imagery that can be published through websites, billboards, video’s, and social media platforms, making the most of your editorial imagery.


Are you in the market for an editorial picture to assist a narrative? Do you want the stunning imagery that will capture your audiences? Contact Los Angeles editorial fashion photographer Nick Reid at Black Rabbit Productions today. Find out how your editorial can be elevated.

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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles documentary photographer. To see more of L.A. editorial photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nicks social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111


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