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It may be common knowledge in a buying and selling industry that print and digital media are at the heart of the consumer process. However, what’s not common knowledge is why.

Within modern eCommerce in a fast-paced, vision-based consumer culture, images are very important. Not only do they need to draw the attention of the consumer, they invoke a sense of trust. Because your photography is your first introduction to your prospective client, if the photography isn’t professionally done but they wont even give you a second look. High quality photography gets your clients the confidence they need to commit to purchasing.

Los Angeles product photographer Nick Reid knows just how great product photography can get your clients to jump from steps one to two of the buying process. No matter what size your company, or how many products you have on your shelves, consumers need to be wowed by what they see. There are many key aspects that come together to create eye-catching eCommerce product photography, but here’s just 5:

1. The Lighting. What makes products pop, even when shooting on a white background lighting has to be flattering to each product so that it is the most flattering and to draw attention to the product. 


2. The Studio: In Los Angeles, product photography may be considered simple with their warm sunny days for location shoots. But, most product photographers may argue that the best – and most effective “natural” lighting – comes from a complete studio set-up. To keep your products looking consistent lighting is key.


3. The Photographer. It’s always important for a business and product photographer to be on the same page whether needs demand a catalog, conceptual advertising, business to business marketing materials or eCommerce on white. With over 15 years of industry experience working with brands such as Jack Daniels, Walmart and Lululemon, Nick Reid works with you to create visually attractive product photography to suit your needs.


4. The Retouching. This is a very important stage for any product photography: taking away unnecessary reflections, scratches or blemishes, correcting the color and matching to a style-guide, enhancing key product features such as the brand name or lables.


5. The Destination. Product photographer Nick Reid and his team are well-versed in the nature of modern online eCommerce product photography and the needs of the destination. Every medium has their own requirements whether it is print, or online distribution, Nick will be on hand to provide image optimization for the platform of your choice.


Get in touch today with Product photographer Nick Reid to discuss your brand, your product and your goals. He will work closely to create a picture-perfect product advertising campaign for you.


Whether you have a fully designed campaign or just an idea in your mind, product photographer Nick and his team can work with you to to help you bring your vision to life. From concept to production, capturing and retouching, and then the finale: publishing. We can help you though all the steps of the process. Servicing Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas: Beverly Hills, Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, El Segundo, Glendale, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, Inglewood, Long Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, San Fernando, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.


To see other work check out Nick’s Food portfolio (its a product too) and Lifestyle! Check out Nick’s Instagram to see what he is currently working on.

Two bowls of colorful couscous with rid striped napkins ona rustic blue table.

Couscous for Two

A Lifestyle photograph by product photographer Nick Reid of a man sitting comfortably in a black chair wearing a shirt and boxer briefs.

True Notions