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“It is inspiring how much talent, technology and science goes into the simplest of things that we take for granted in our everyday life, and it is my job to document their hard work and show the world.” – Nick Reid, director of Black Rabbit Productions.


You need clean, respectable and professional industry imagery from your Los Angeles-based videographer and photographer. They will allow to you stand out when exhibiting to investors, publishers or through social media channels. Boost your company’s ecosystem through industrial photography.


You should consider the use of photography and videography within your offices or factories because they offer a close-up and personal preview of your business by providing a direct insight into the company culture as well as the workers that make the team.


The first step would be to find your factory photographer. Los Angeles industrial photographer Nick Reid at Black Rabbit Productions is at your service, offering first class and professional imagery for your company’s needs.


With over 15 years of hands-on industry experience, Nick has worked closely with TV shows such as Supercar Super Build and National Geographic noting; “I love this job because I get to see the gears of industries turning, a fascinating side of the world that only a few people get to see”.


The benefits of operating an industrial photography/videography campaign with experienced professionals like Nick, would be that he and our team at Black Rabbit Productions are very familiar working in a factory setting and abiding by regulations with PPE, personal safety, food safety, sanitation and not interfering with the factory flow.


Now that you’ve chosen your Los Angeles industrial videographer, you’ve progressed into stage two. You will be working closely with your photographer/videographer to brainstorm and discuss what the goals of the industrial imagery campaign would be, where they will be exhibited and to whom.


Here at Black Rabbit Productions, we offer your company with the imagery type that suits you. There’s many options for industrial photography and videography that should be considered when uplifting your campaign to investors, viewers and customers.


We understand that you’re looking for clean and intimate business portfolio and here’s some of the ways we can bring your visions to life. There’s feature length documentaries, social media videography, short interview pieces for presentations, catalog imagery for websites or cinemagraphs for social media exhibiting. Commercial industrial photography will have something for your company.


When you’ve chosen your style of commercial industrial photography, then your Los Angeles industrial photographer will be on hand providing service excellence to your brand. It is key to know that Nick Reid and the team will be there from conceptualisation through to re-touching and publishing, offering the best personalised packages for your company.


Los Angeles Industrial videography team Black Rabbit Productions have a smart-kit allowing for efficient travel and on-location filming/photography capabilities.


If, for example, your company campaign nominates the requirement for CEO or managerial interviews, Nick will adapt the travel-kit to allow for correct lighting and backdrop, providing you with the clean and impactful imagery your company requires going forward.


However, if your campaign-style revolves around generating a catalog of videos showcasing your factory-floor, the ecosystem of the company or the manufacturing process as a timeline, then Director of Photography at Black Rabbit Productions, Nick Reid, will be on hand to capture candid moments of factory-life with your company with the right cameras and gimbals for a steady view.


It is very important that – through the initial campaign discussion period – your choice of style has been made clear. With years of experience providence excellence to companies across the globe, Nick Reid and our team will be able to offer various ways to capture the essence of your industry.


The methodology to your factory photography is a key commentary to your commercial imagery. This is because they can be pre-scripted interviews or fly-on-the-wall angles. The latter providing a repertoire of video B-roll for future documentary pieces, social media listings or in-factory still images for art-work.


Your Los Angeles videographer and photographer will be there offering a hand-picked package, including long stays on-location to allow for more motion-capture or still imagery, and after shoot re-touching or art-editing that can produce high-class cinemagraphs to draw the attention of those viewing your campaign.


When the shooting has been completed and the editorial stages begin, you will be offered with a campaign of videos or images that you and your company can choose from. Even through this final stage of the production line, you and your Los Angeles videographer/photographer will be working side-by-side to ensure that your vision is encapsulated in the delivered product.


If your factory photography is intended for use on social media, then Nick and the tam at Black Rabbit Productions will offer crop choices to display over various social media platforms, they will also be able to provide you with large images for wall-art throughout the offices and factory-floor walls.


Once you have made your choices, the selects will be passed to our team at Black Rabbit Productions for a final polish of retouching . This will be the ultimate step in creating your clean, respectable and professional industry imagery.


Contact Nick and the team today to see how your company can benefit through the varied uses of industry photography, videography and cinemagraph production.



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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles industrial photographer. To see more of LA industrial photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nicks social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

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