Detail fashion shot of a handbag by fashion photographer Nick Reid.

V.V.E – Spring

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer – Nick Reid 

High-Fashion Photography | Los Angeles Lookbook Photographer | Los Angeles Fashion Photographer


Fashion photography is an art form within an art form: portraying one’s craft using stylistic imagery. Not only does it immortalise the image of the artist, but it creates a stage for performance.


At Black Rabbit productions, we offer photography packages to suit the needs of your brand and message.


Your brand needs a fashion photographer that will work with your brand, providing exceptionally beautiful images that exhibit your work. It takes a proficient director within the stages of lighting and photography to enable your brand’s essence to be immersive for audiences.


There are three key areas of fashion photography that we offer in our Los Angeles-based studio and on-location across the globe. There’s high-fashion photography, editorial photography and lookbook photography. Each of these types of fashion imagery provide a different campaign strategy to target business to business or business to customer engagement.


At Black Rabbit Productions, we are a Los Angeles fashion photography company that will work with you to find the right model, make-up artist, location and set-design to artfully showcase your fashion.


Nick Reid, director at Black Rabbit Productions, has over 15 years of industry experience working with brands ranging from high-street retailers to social media influencers.


As a Los Angeles fashion campaign photography company, we work together with you and your brand. Starting with an idea, we will brainstorm a campaign-concept that will thread throughout the production whether it is still imagery, cinemagraphs (an image with a moving aspect) or video.


Let’s begin with high-fashion photography. With this art form, we understand there is a multitude of streams where your imagery can be placed which all affect the way the photography is produced. They can feature within magazines, advertisements, event marketing or even social media representations.


Therefore, it’s important to work with your Los Angeles fashion photographer in order to build a network of ideas on the look and emotion you’re envisioning with your choice of publishing.


With high-fashion photography often incorporating movement and emotion unlike other fashion photography styles, we at Black Rabbit Productions capture this emotion and draw in the viewer for an experience of fashion art.


It is imperative, in high-fashion photography to have a professional model surrounded by a crew of experienced stylists, make-up artists, hairstylists, set designers, grips, gaffers, re-touchers, directors, editors and – of course – photographers.


At Black Rabbit Productions, we have a team of experts as well as external industry professionals that all come together to provide your brand with a seamless photography and video experience.


With an on-location studio-kit to hand and a love for exploring, fashion photographer Nick Reid and the team will work with you around the world to create a range of images that will bring your fashion brand to life. We want help you showcase your designs – and for your viewers to see your vision – modelling your brand’s message and becoming a part of the culture you offer.


Ok, now moving onto editorial photography: this is a slightly different design as it offers a series of highly stylised artistic images that provide a new look for a brand or garment with a narrative.


At Black Rabbit Productions, we will bring life and emotion to the garments while exploring new ways to showcase the style. With editorial photography, we like to understand where it will be published, as it creates a backdrop to work with. If the editorial photography is needed for a magazine, news article, blog or social media post then Los Angeles’ own Black Rabbit Productions will have you covered.


More often than not, we focus on engaging with an artistic approach of creative framing and stylized lighting that allows your brand-image to take centre-stage in editorial photography. Colors will pop and the natural sway of fabrics will be evident, portraying a piece that people can envision themselves wearing all while opening up to the narrative they accompany.


Finally, we have the all-important lookbooks: if you’re a designer aiming to display a collection, the inspiration or even a seasonal edit, then you’ll want a catalog of images to show your clients. Los Angeles lookbook photographer Nick Reid and his team at Black Rabbit Productions are there to help you create an alluring series of images that represent your brand.


Lookbook work can also be used as part of a social media campaign, allowing for a series of online images or cinemagraphs to be published in quick succession with the aims of increasing consumer-captivation.


At Black Rabbit Productions, we know that catalogs will feature a range of styles that can be portrayed in different ways. And, with our wealth of fashion photography experience, we can offer beautifully photographed garments through the use of models and mannequins to suit your needs as a brand.


No matter what the end product or platform for publishing, you’ll always receive a gallery of imagery from the photoshoot for you to pick from in order to stitch your fashion exhibit together.


Nick Reid’s experience in the Los Angeles fashion photography scene has allowed him to focus-in on the beauty that garments have to offer, he aims to capture your product in-camera with clean lighting and beautiful photography. With the end goal to be less of a need for re-touching, but will always be an offered service.


Black Rabbit Productions are with your brand to the end, meaning they are there to help you with the publishing of your fashion campaign. The Los Angeles-based editorial photography team will be able to cater imagery for the platform you need. If you’re a designer, garment manufacturer, a boutique fashion shop or social media influencer looking to showcase your line through Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, then Nick Reid and the team will offer the crop options to suit you.


Get in touch with Nick Reid and his team at Black Rabbit Productions today to see how your brand, garment, line, message or seasonal edit can be uplifted through high quality fashion photography.




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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles fashion photographer. To see more of LA fashion photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nicks social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

Women's fashion campaign photo of a model in a black and white outfit on white boxes.

Ro & De – Fall

A fashion photo photograph taken by Nick Reid of a model wearing a white bathrobe with a hood by Matteo.

Blake – Matteo