A portrait of Betty Graham for Coldwell Banker Previews, a classy older lady with silver hair smiling off camera sitting in the driver seat of a Maserati. Photo taken by Los Angeles corporate photographer Nick Reid.

Betty Graham

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Corporate Portrait Photographer – Nick Reid

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With an ever-growing community of viewers, customers and consumers taking their business online, visual content is becoming more important than ever. Without the need to see people face-to-face to the same extent, profile pictures are used to put face to the name.


Here’s seven simple reasons that will let you know how corporate portrait photography can profit your company and brand:


1. You can have highly professional manager’s images for editorials


Corporate photography can be used for a range of purposes: from brochures to staff newsletters to magazine editorials. It’s important to convey the professionalism and approachability that your brand can offer the customer.


Choosing the right Los Angeles-based portrait photographer can help you do this; Here at Nick Reid photography, we help corporations across the globe with an on-location studio kit. It’s our aim to help you relax in front of the camera to show your brand and personality.


General corporate headshots will not be front-on and we will communicate with you to get your good side. This is because, an angled body with a front-on gaze can increase the perceived approachability to the viewer, especially with a smile.


2. Images of a company’s face can improve consumer numbers


Not only can using business portraits be good for online use, the photographs can be used in product marketing. Advertising campaigns can often utilize corporate headshots to put a face to the brand, making the product become more trustworthy to the consumer.


Your Los Angeles corporate headshot photographer will work alongside you in order to understand what kind of portrait would suit the goals of your campaign. Our team will offer tips and tricks to getting the right angle with the right mood.


For example, if you’re a company who supplies a hard-material product such as pens, you may like to consider the application of a corporate headshot with a face of the brand on your packaging.


3. It will increase the professional appearance of individuals in the company


Any business portrait photographer will tell you that the height of corporate headshot importance lies within its ability to increase rapport within and around your brand. Your professional appearance will grow internally and for new investors.


Business to business marketing relies heavily on first impressions which include the initial correspondence through websites, emailing or third party materials. Such third party materials could be magazines, newspapers or online blog articles.


Your Los Angeles business photographer will be on hand to help with your corporate image: if you need a simple headshot on a clean and naturally-lit studio-background, or even a more environmental image set on-location in an office space. These images are what will boost the likelihood of consumer spending and investor share-holding.


4. It will boost your website’s SEO


Simply having images on your website will increase your ‘relevancy’ in accordance with Google analytics, thus meaning your website, brand, product and company will show up higher in search results.


Without going too in-depth, this is because rankings on a search result are based on in-site text and alt-text that Google reads as ‘relevant’. With specific images demonstrating the correct ‘alt txt’ that describes the image, it will position your company higher in the results.


5.You will have a catalogue for investor-presentations


Some companies may think about trying to generate corporate headshots by themselves, but the quality of the image can be what causes the shortfall: Investors want to see companies who take pride in their appearance and those that work on the front-lines.


Los Angeles corporate headshot photographer Nick Reid will provide high-quality images with service excellence. Our team will work with you to determine the exact headshot portfolio to meet your needs.


With investor meetings and presentations, the cover page will often incorporate the name of the presenter alongside an image. It may also include, director headshots and a team image. These can increase the likeability to a company as they portray a team that work well together as well as individuals who understand good presentation.


6.Social media pages will instantly become more approachable


With social media, there is a demand for a constant stream of images, video and updates for a company. This could be for personal or business LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Nick Reid and the team here in Los Angeles will welcome you into the studio or travel on location to meet you. With close landmarks such as Beverley Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Malibu and Downtown LA, there will always be a scenic environmental setting to have in the background of your corporate photography.


Not only this, but with Nick Reid’s travel studio-kit there are no travel limitations, our team can provide first-class services to help you build a portfolio of corporate imagery to generate consumer sales across the globe.


Weekly ‘meet the team’ posts across social media platforms will increase website traffic, and brand recognition. Thus, heightening the chances of product sales and stakeholder investments.


7.You will enjoy the experience that your Los Angeles photographer will provide


The process for corporate photography starts with you. To first understand what your goals are and where you’d like your corporate imagery to be published. Then, get in contact with your Los Angeles headshot photographer to arrange a time and a place and he will translate your brand goals and message onto image.


Corporate events provide a great stage where all corners of a company come together for an event, during which Nick Reid and the team will be taking the professional corporate headshots of those available and willing.


During your shoot with Nick Reid, you will get to know one-another, he will help you capture your good side by creating a more relaxed and friendly environment in front of the camera. He will also work with team or group shots that include the use of props such as couches. These are great for the aforementioned social media posts.


Once the images have been taken, Nick will send over a catalogue of images for you, the team, the marketing department and the company as a whole to choose from. Let us know which ones you like and we will take them for final processing, image re-touching, the all-important teeth whitening, and image cropping dependent on the destination through which your corporate portrait will be published.


So, get in touch with us today at Nick Reid photography to see how corporate portraits can be an asset to your brand.

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Chris Herold
for Coldwell Banker Previews

A black and white profile portrait of Chris Cortazzo smiling. Portrait taken by corporate photographer Nick Reid

Chris Cortazzo