Two bowls of colorful couscous with red striped napkins on a rustic blue table. Picture taken by Los Angeles Food Photographer Nick Reid.

Couscous for Two

Nicholas Reid Photographer, Videographer and Director of Black Rabbit Productions Inc based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Commercial Photographer – Nick Reid

Los Angeles Commercial Photographer | Los Angeles Commercial Director | Global Commercial Photographer


You need a reputable and professional production company to take charge of direction for a commercial campaign and you need a company like Black Rabbit Productions.

Here at Black Rabbit Productions, we have worked with companies across the globe providing beautiful imagery as their global commercial photographer. Our aim is to work closely with you to understand the brand message, the vision and the product/service.


With over 15 years of industry experience, director at Black Rabbit Productions, Nick Reid, will be your Los Angeles commercial photographer, providing first-class service on set. His clientele has ranged from the likes of National Geographic to McDonalds and Walmart to the Bank of the West.


You can place your trust in Nick Reid knowing that he will be there from concept to publishing bringing your vision to life. His vast experience on set means he will be on-hand to help with any part of production, no matter how big or small. If your commercial needs a director of photography for video production commercials or even a creative director for an image catalog, then he and the rest of the team here at Black Rabbit Productions have got you covered.


There’s no need to worry about location, as Black Rabbit Productions is efficiently kitted to guarantee a full scale production no matter the location, we provide in-studio and on-location productions ranging from our base in Los Angeles to far away destinations like Europe or Asia.


The quality of service will be present through Nick’s commitment to working directly with his client and focusing on the quality of the work. His passion for capturing videography and photography are the components that will drive your commercial campaign production in a timely and effective manner.


Your Los Angeles commercial director will work flexibly to provide you with beautiful pieces to camera. Our dedication is towards bringing your vision to life with a dynamic nature of commercials so the attention is all about the product/service on offer.


Your commercial will provide mass communication to a variety of audiences, through direct attention to the product. As a Los Angeles commercial photographer, we also provide product photography, but with commercial photography we will add the emotion and narrative to your product that will draw an audience at first glance.


As with all modern technologies, Nick Reid is well versed with providing imagery to suit the needs of your vision, be it through social media applications, catalog imagery or through television adverts, our services are flexible to work with your vision and your target audience.


This means, that as a provider of global commercial photography, we understand that with fast-consumerist culture and the art of modern-day scrolling, our aim will be to draw the attention of your audience within seconds.


As commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, we offer unbeaten services of first-class imagery and stunning video’s that successfully influence purchase behaviours in audiences. Be it through our love of artistic lighting or use of eye-catching framing, Black Rabbit Productions have the tools to provide you with commercial campaign materials to suit your brand message.


You need the service offered by Los Angeles commercial director Nick Reid to boost the presence of your product/service through stunning imagery and service excellence, with flexible options to suit the needs of the campaign: be it in- studio on-location, with models, with animals, video, photographs, cinemagraphs, pre-production brainstorming, on-white product capture, a creative flair, re-touching, editing, travel information or even a mixture of everything, the team at Black Rabbit productions are here to make the production of your commercial as seamless as possible.


Contact global commercial photographer Black Rabbit Productions today to see how we can bring your product or service to the front of the stage by boosting its presence with the story you want to communicate and stunning imagery. Or, check out how we can boost your campaign with advertising photography and videography to entice audiences with striking emotion and story that echo a brand’s culture.

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Nick is what you need in a Los Angeles commercial photographer. To see more of Los Angeles commercial photographer Nicks Reid’s work check out his video work. To see more of Nicks social media work check out his posts on Instagram.  For your pick-n-mix production, get in touch either through email: or by phone: 303-722-0111

over head shot of strawberries and breakfast bars bites in a bowl on a striped napkin on marble countertop..

Breakfast Bar Cereal

A sliced lemon, bowl of pepper and carafe of olive oil on a white wooden table in the morning light.

Pepper, Lemons and Olive oil